Learn from the world’s most successful professional athletes, fitness gurus, and athletic entrepreneurs the strategies you need to find balance and excel on and off the race course

In this summit you will learn…

  • How to adopt a pro’s winning mindest
  • Jedi tricks for maintaining fitness and eating well on the road
  • Real ways going for a run can help you tackle your work project more effectively
  • The 20’ rule and how to use it to beat workout excuses
  • Secret strategies to strengthen your mental toughness
  • Efficient and effective workouts for time crunched athletes

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Here Are The Amazing Experts!

Amanda Russell

Hal Higdon

Kristin Mayer

Jesse Thomas

Ben Greenfield

James Clear

Matt Fitzgerald

Lauren Fleshman

Nick White

Jennipher Walters

Shanda Sumpter

Bryant McGill

Dave Scott

John Lee Dumas

Steve Kamb

Eric Smith

Kristian Rahula

Rich Roll